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    Hand Sensor Helicopter

    Rs. 1,399.00
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    • High-quality Material: Made of durable plastic, this hand sensor helicopter toy is designed to withstand playtime for kids aged 10 years and above.
    • Fun Entertainment Toy: This hand sensor helicopter is a perfect toy for kids, providing endless entertainment and excitement as they control the flight with their hands.
    • Suitable for Boys and Girls: Ideal for both boys and girls, this hand sensor helicopter is a gender-neutral toy that can be enjoyed by kids of all genders.
    • Convenient USB Charging: The toy comes with a USB cable for easy and convenient charging. Simply plug it into a USB port and charge for 60 minutes to enjoy 8-10 minutes of flying time.
    • Easy to Use: With a hand sensor technology, kids can easily control the flight of the helicopter with their hand movements. It has a maximum flying height of 10-12 feet and a lightweight design of 30g, making it easy to handle for kids.
    • Safety and Usage: The helicopter toy is powered by a 75mAh Lithium battery and has a wings/fan diameter of 16cm. It is recommended to always charge the helicopter toy for 1 hour before the first use for optimal performance and to follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe and proper usage.