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    Doodle Slate Painting Kit

    Rs. 1,399.00
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    • Erasable Doodle Slate: This painting kit for kids comes with a washable and reusable slate book with 6 pages and 3 pens, allowing kids to create their own drawings and designs.
    • Safe and Non-Toxic: The doodle book is made of high-quality and non-toxic fabric and PP material, making it safe for kids to use as a preschool learning toy.
    • Easy to Clean: The indelible design of the painting pad allows for easy cleaning with wet wipes, making it convenient for repeated use.
    • Ideal Kids Activity Set: This painting kit makes a perfect gift for kids who love to paint and engage in creative activities. It's also great for travel, car rides, kindergarten learning, and educational play.
    • Convenient and Portable: The FunBlast painting kit is lightweight and comes with sticky buttons and an inner pocket for cleaning cloth, making it easy to carry around. Dimensions: Length: 20 cm, Breadth: 20 cm, Height: N/A. Weight: 230 gms.